• universal industrial regulator
  • inputs in the standards
    • 0/4..20 mA, 0/1...5V
    • resistance (potentiometer)
    • RTD (Pt100..1000), thermocouples (typ: R, S, B, J, K, E, N, T) 
    • ON/OFF
    • S300
  • outputs in the standards
    • 0/4..20 mA, 0/1..5 V
    • ON/OFF 
  • wide set of the regulation algorithms
    • logical, time and alarm functions
    • self-tuning, predicate, PID Fuzzy Logic
    • integrator, Backup redundancy functions, feed forward, special functions for sugar industry, heat engineering, and air-conditioning
  • simulation-configuration and aiding software for a PC 
  • communication MODBUS RTU / RS-485 - purposely PROFIBUS DP


Universal microprocessor regulator LB-600 was made with taking into account all of the requirements placed on the similar devices used in industrial automation. The following features compose its operational use:

A detailed description of the regulator LB-600 characteristics was introduced in a separate description and in an additional help function (file to be downloaded).

The Automation and Robotics Institute of the Warsaw Polytechnics organizes a cyclical course for the engineers and the measurements service workers and automatics with secondary technical education who should get aquatinted with operational service, programming and project usage of the microprocessor regulators series LB-600.


The regulator LB-600 is a universal, programmable, digital regulator designed for the measurement systems, control and regulator of different technological processes. The regulator can realise the following functions:


Characteristic Description Comments
Power supply 85...250Vac. 90...385V/DC or 24Vdc  
Powering of the external devices (i. e. measurement converters)
24V dc 500 mA Overload protection with a start after overload stopping
Casing (overall extensions) Vertical: 144 x 72 x 209 mm  
Number of the analogue inputs Up to 30 (possibility of operating another 10 inputs from second and third package if one resigns from the binary input/ output packages or the analogue outputs)
Additional analogue inputs packages can be used if one resigns from the binary input/ output packages or the analogue outputs packages)
Number of the binary inputs Up to 24 (possibility of operating next 8 inputs from second and third package if one resigns from the input packages or the analogue outputs) Voltage 16...25Vdc or 3...9 Vdc or short circuit (optoseparation)

Number of the binary outputs

Up to 18 (possibility of operating next 6 outputs from second and third package if one resigns from the input packages or the analogue outputs) Transmitter contacts (4 switch-over, 2 short circuit switch)

Number of the analogue outputs   

Up to 4 (possibility of operating next 2 outputs from second package if one resigns from the binary input/ output or the analogue outputs) Optoseparation, current source load carrying capacity 750 ohm
Type of the analogue input signals
Current, voltage, temperature PT100, Ni100 or thermocouples: R, S, B, J, K, E, N, T, resistance (potentiometers) possibility of cooperation with the probes for temperatures and humidity measurement produced by the LAB-EL company equipped with a digital current loop interface
Measurement scopes, types of the signals, type of the sensors, threshold programmed by a user

Types of the binary input signals

Voltage 16...25Vdc or
3...9 Vdc as logical states 1 or 0 or
short circuit signal (max. 100 Ohm) 
Type of the analogue output signals

current (4...20 mA), voltage (1...5V) or 0...20mA/0..5(10) V  One output operating non-zero signals such as 4...20mA (1...5V) other operating zero such as 0...20mA (0...5 (10))V
Accessible regulation algorithms PID, PID RATIO, PID RATIO BIAS, PID NL1, PID NL2, PID prediction, PID Fuzzy, self-tuning, regulation of open/ close systems etc. Possibility of the special algorithms realisation upon a request and based on data from a client
Regulation types Continuous two-joint and tree-joint (with a position and/ or stepping feedback – a method used for counting time to take over an execution element)

Additional functions Structure and password deletion, scaling clocking, BACKUP function, feed forward, tracing one of the input signals, mathematical multi-argument processing of the input signals, filtration according to few algorithms types, special algorithms for sugar industry, heat engineering, arithmetical library functions, logical and time, possibility of special functions realisation worked out based on a special client requirements etc.

Communication with a computer system
RS485/RS422 i S300 Cooperation with a computer system using a converter RS232c/RS485
Transmission protocol

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