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Four-Channel Thermometer & Temperature Logger with GSM/GPRS - LB-524T4
Four Temperatures and Door Opening Recorder with WiFi LB-533T
Android Bluetooth 58 mm Mobile Thermal Printer - RPP-02N
Interfaces Module LB-762-IO for Mushroom-Growing Regulator LB-762
Dual Thermometer, Wet and Dry Bulb, Universal PID Regulator LB-474A3
Carbon Dioxide Concentration Meter - LB-852
Thermometer & Hygrometer LB-524 with GSM Communication, Recorder
Temperature Recorder, Thermometer LB-516T
Thermohygrometer & Recorder with WiFi Communication LB-523
Temperature and Humidity Recorder - Thermohygrometer LB-516A/AT
Portable Thermohygrometer LB-520, Thermometer LB-520T
Precise Modbus RTU Thermometer LB-718T
Thermometer & Hygrometer LB-535 with Wireless Communication, Recorder
Thermometer LB-560A with an alarm
Precision thermometer with a probe - LB-560D
Portable thermometer LB-570A - Temperature recorder
Climate meter LB-575 - thermometer, hygrometer, barometer
Climate meter LB-580 - multiparameter
Mushroom-Growing Controller LB-762, Microclimate Regulator
CO2 Concentration Meter & Regulator - LB-853
CO2 Concentration Meter & Regulator - LB-854
High CO2 Concentration Meter and Regulator - LB-857
Surface Humidity Indicator LB-910
Precise Industrial Thermometer LB-710AT
Industrial Thermometer & Hygrometer - LB-710A
Dual Thermometer LB-714, Wet-and-Dry Bulb Thermometers LB-714P
Pyrometer door indicator - LB-669