THERMOMETER LB-754J/T with a panel LB-706T/GT

  • functions: electronic thermometer (one or two channel), recorder (logger)
  • measurement: temperature
  • small portable device
  • interface RS-232 for a PC
  • cooperation with a printer (option)
  • exchangeable sensors for various purposes 
  • temperature monitoring in transport

LB-754JTermometr LB-706T


Electronic thermometer LB-754J/T with a panel LB-706T is a device designed for measurement, visualisation and registry of temperature results. Different sensor versions cooperating with the panel LB-706T allow on temperature measurement of: gas, liquids and solid bodies. We offer two meter versions:

The temperature sensors contain thermoresistors Pt1000. The construction of a temperature sensor’s casing determines its scope of usage. Different qualities of work are possible i.e. a sensor with a sharp ending is used for measurement of liquids and soft masses (i.e. meat). The required sensor casing’s construction is determined by a user. 

Temperature measurement with resolution 0.1 or 0.01 °C is possible in two scopes:

Using narrow scope allows on more accurate temperature measurement. Choosing the panel’s measuring scope is performed automatically depending on the configuration stored in an interface’s memory that is a component element of an attached thermometer LB-754J/T (interface is in a connection plug).

The measurement results are presented on an alphanumeric LCD display and can be sent outside using an interface RS-232. The thermometer has a possibility of data registry to an internal memory of measurement history and later rewriting of the measurements results to an outside device through the communication interface RS-232. The interface can be attached with a thermal printer, a modem LB-430 for radio GSM /GPRS transmission or a PC computer.

In the device equipment there is a computer program allowing on current readings’ visualisation on a monitor screen, programming the device's settings and reading of the recorded measurements as well as transferring them to a file on the computer.

Drukarka termiczna
Kafka-1R printer can be
an outside recorder

The panel is equipped with a clock, which provides a base for time registry and determines automatic device switch on/ off times in an energy saving mode. It allows on using the device as a temperature recorder (thermograph).

The way in which the measurements’ registry is performed in a built in panel memory LB-706T is set by a user. The registry's configuration is done through:

The panel LB-706T serves various  types of registering memory and from the type of memory and kind of data stored in it depends the maximum number of records possible to be stored. Example: standard memory version allows on registry of over 3900 records of one temperature with 0,1°C resolution in the scope -200...+550 °C.

The panel’s LB-706T keyboard allows on switching it on and on parameter programming as well as viewing the recorded measurement results. The panel in a version LB-706GT has a simplified keyboard which allows only on panel switch on/ off.

Small size and a possibility of being battery powered (or from an outside network feeder) allow on using the device in the field conditions and for temperature monitoring in transport.

The panel LB-706T has a precise analogue-to-digital converter and a microprocessor controller, which basing on the measurement signals and read calibration characteristics calculates the temperature value. The thermometer LB-754T or LB-754J sensor cable plug has a built in digital non-volatile data memory, which stores numeric coefficients associated with certain copy of a thermoresistor Pt1000 determined during the process of calibration. Because of it the thermometer’s sensor can be used with different pieces of the reading panel LB-706T without evident accuracy deterioration.

The panel’s interface RS-232 allows additionally on entering calibration data during calibration with adjusting. The panel and the thermometer sensor cooperating with it do not have any mechanical calibration elements (i.e.: potentiometers, trimmers). The calibration of the device is performed by sending calibration data obtained in model temperature through a digital interface to non-volatile device memory. It guarantees comfort and high calibration accuracy as well as stability of the device's meteorological parameters in time.

Each thermometer (upon a request) can have an individual calibration certificate issued by the LAB-EL Calibration Laboratory or from the Energy Institute in Warsaw.


An electronic thermometer is designed for control and documentation of technological processes in production plants, especially in the pharmaceutical and food field. It can be used for registry during transportation of goods sensitive to temperature (temperature monitoring during transportation). It is especially useful for meeting quality production control requirements (HACCP) and in transport.


Device version
Scope of measurement Measurement inaccuracy
LB-754J/LB-754T + LB-706T -40..85°C +/- 0,1°C, +/- 1 last digit
-130..240°C +/- 0,2°C, +/- 1 last digit
-200..550°C +/- 1°C, +/- 1 last digit
Parameter Scope of readings Resolution
Temperature – basic scope -40..+85°C 0,1°C or 0,01°C
Temperature – extended scope -200..+550°C 0,1°C
Time month, days, hours, min. 1 min
network 230V stabilized feeder 8..12V DC / 50 mA
battery 6V 4 batteries R6
energy consumption 10 mA (with a switched off interface RS-232)
20 mA (with a switched on interface RS-232)
Device Scope Comments
Panel LB-706T 0..+50°C without water outdropping
Electronic thermometer LB-754T, LB-754J -40..+85°C basic scope 
-200..+550°C extended scope, limited additionally by a temperature sensor's construction 
Scope of temperatures 10..40°C
Scope of humidity 20..80%
Level of environment corrosion aggressiveness accord. PN-71/H-04651 B
Degree of casing protection IP 60 (limited additionally by a class of filter protection and an optional printer)
*) - Going beyond recommended constant work conditions (i.e. when installing the device in the open space) requires using additional protection means for the device's electronic part so that water out dropping does not start inside of the device.


Series RS232C, 4 lines (RxD, TxD, DTR, GND), switching on the interface's power supply system  - active line stage DTR from a computer, transmission parameters: 9600 bps, 8 bits of information, without evenness control, 1 stop bit.




Other panel LB-706T usage: psychrometer LB-754P.
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