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LB-852 CO2 Meter, Carbon Dioxide Concentration Measurement

CO2 meter, carbon dioxide concentration measurement: LB-852
  • CO2 sensor
  • carbon dioxide concentration measurement
  • measurement method CO2 NDIR
  • measurement result outputs:
    • analogue 0–10 V
    • digital S300

Description of CO2 meter

The LB-852 CO2 meter is used to measure carbon dioxide concentration. The meter is equipped with an analogue 0…10 V output and an S300 digital interface. The device is powered by an external power supply source. The gas to be checked is supplied to the CO2 sensors via two stub connectors. The flow of the measured gas should be forced, for example, by an air pump. Thanks to the S300 interface, the CO2 meter may be connected to the systems offered by the LAB-EL (e.g. LB-762 climatic regulator, LB-480 data recorder, LBX software). This carbon dioxide meter has an auto-calibration function — to this end, at least once a week, fresh air should be supplied to the meter when switched on. This is indispensable for the long-term correct operation of the meter.

The LB-852 CO2 meter and its equipment

The CO2 meter may be, for example, used for:

  • measuring CO2 concentration in mushroom-growing cellars (economical version — e.g. in the LB-760A and LB-762 systems);
  • gas emissions control in industry;
  • monitoring for safety reasons;
  • operational monitoring of ventilation systems in various facilities (e.g. offices, livestock buildings); details in an additional description.

Alternative CO2 meter: LB-853, LB-854.

Optional equipment

The LB-852 CO2 meter may be delivered in the following optional versions:

  • LB-852 meter (standalone, no equipment);
  • LB-852 meter with an LB-830 network power unit;
  • LB-852 meter with an LB-830 network power unit and air filter — a set (meter with an equipment installed as a set on the rail — for exchange in the CO2 measuring systems in mushroom-growing cellars — see the illustration alongside).

Remark: The water must not be subject to condensation inside the CO2 meter. When a meter is used for measuring air drawn from hot and humid rooms (e.g. from a mushroom-growing cellar), there should be an external dehumidifying filter used before the meter. The CO2 meter shall be at a temperature 5…10°C higher than the room temperature from which the humid air is taken for measurement.

Technical Data

CO2 measurement
CO2 sensor type NDIR, built-in
Measurement range of the CO2 volume content 0…10,000 ppm (0…1%)
CO2 measurement accuracy ±5% of current response, ±100 ppm
Atmospheric pressure influence 1.6% of a value measured for an every 1 kPa with relation to 100 kPa
Standard range of analogue output 0…10,000 ppm
Heating-up time of the meter after powering up 1 minute
Interval between measurements approx. 5 seconds
Digital S300 Isolated, passive, voltage; 8…29 V, 300 bits/S/7/1
Analogue 0…10 V Non-isolated, min. load resistance: 1000 Ohm, range of 0…10,000 ppm
Operation conditions
Operating temperature range 5…50°C
Air relative humidity range 10…80% — recommended continuous operating conditions; 5…90% — admissible temporary conditions (without water condensation)
Remaining parameters
Power supply 12 V / 250 mA
External dimensions 100 x 65 x 32 mm
Weight 150 g