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LB-520 Thermohygrometr, LB-520T Thermometer - Humidity & Temperature Recorders

LB-520 thermo hygrometer with humidity and temperature recording

A small, portable hytherograph powered from a long-lasting battery. Records the temperature and humidity of the air. Provides high precision of measurements confirmed by an individual certificate from an accredited laboratory. Useful software presents the measurement history in a clear way. A simplified version with only temperature measurement is available (LB-520T).

Thermohygrometer LB-520 can be used to document the production, transport or storage of sensitive goods. Used in the pharmaceutical, medical and food industries to meet the requirements of ISO, HACCP and Cold-Chain regulations.

  • Air temperature, resolution 0.1°C, uncertainty 0.1°C
  • Air relative humidity, resolution 0.1%, uncertainty 2%
  • optionally: external temperature probe
  • Memory up to 21,500 records (T+RH)
  • IR (optical) - USB reader
  • 3.6V 2.1Ah lithium battery
  • 5..28V DC
Operating range:
  • -30..+80°C
  • -200..+550°C (external temperature probe)
  • ABS, IP30, 110x65x28mm
LB-520 thermo hygrometer with humidity and temperature recording
  • thermometer, hygrometer
  • humidity and temperature recording
  • small, robust instrument
  • wireless IR communication
  • long-lasting battery supply
  • PC application - histogram, time chart, alarm thresholds exceeded
  • temperature monitoring in transportation
  • temperature recording with the resolution of 0.01°C


The LB-520 thermohygrometer is a relative humidity and temperature recorder (which means it is, at the same time, a hygrograph and thermograph). The thermohygrometer is powered by the built-in long-lasting lithium battery. For the temperature measurement the instrument uses the Pt-1000 thermistor, and a capacitive sensor for the measurement of humidity. On the basis of the known non-linear characteristics of the temperature sensors and digital calibration data stored during calibration on the device storage memory, the thermohygrometer’s built-in microprocessor calculates the current relative humidity and temperature data. Measurement results are displayed interchangeably on a big, clear LCD display.

LB-521 USBLB-521 USB reader
LB-520T thermometer with recordingLB-520T thermometer

The recorder is equipped with a large memory for storing measurement results, which - for example, with the recording interval set to 25 minutes - is sufficient to record entries over a one year recording session. It is possible to record humidity and temperature results in the memory in 2 modes: “until full” (when the memory is full, the recording is stopped) and “with overwriting” (when the memory is full, the oldest entries are deleted). Apart from the humidity and temperature recording in set recording intervals, the LB-520 recorder may generate histograms showing statistics of the recorded measurement values in set ranges. By default, the measurement range for the temperature is divided into 63 intervals, each with a span of 2°C, and the humidity range is divided into 50 intervals, each with a span of 2%. Other histogram interval spans are also available. Knowledge of the histogram makes it easier for the user to quickly analyse the results of measurements taken during recording, without the need to read-out the whole content of the instrument’s memory. The recorder also allows the temperature and humidity threshold values to be set so that if they are breached during a recording session, an alarm signal is triggered on the display; it is also possible to automatically record the time intervals during which the thresholds are breached.

Histogram - humidity and temperature recordingHistogram - humidity and temperature recording

The LB-520 thermohygrometer is a wireless and fully automatic device (it does not require interaction with a computer during recording). The recorder is programmed (e.g. setting the recording interval, method for starting the recording), and, subsequently, the read-out is made and the stored data are presented and printed out with the use of a PC with the LOGGER application installed and with the LB-521 reader connected to USB port. Data transmission between the LB-520 and the LB-521 USB reader connected to a PC is wireless, with the use of an optical IR connection.

The instrument may be optionally used in the LB-520T version, designed solely to temperature measurement and recording, preformed with a built-in or an external temperature sensor, in compliance with the technical ranges defined in the “Extensions” section. In the LB-520TI version, a pyrometer sensor was employed, designed for contactless measurement of the temperature of objects.

The LB-520B thermo hygrometer is a simplified version of the LB-520 thermo hygrometer. Less expensive components and simplified production procedures were used, resulting in a lower price in comparison to rival products with similar technical specifications.

Thermohygrometer with calibration certificate

Each thermohygrometer (thermometer), as per order, may feature an individual calibration certificate issued by LAB-EL Calibration Laboratory, the calibration certificate issued by the Central Office of Measures in Warsaw or by the Military Metrology Centre in Warsaw.

Application of the humidity and temperature recorder

The LB-520 and LB-520T recorders are designed for controlling and documenting the course of technological processes in production facilities — especially in medical and food industries. It may be used for recording climate parameters inside packaging during the transportation of goods susceptible to humidity and temperature. This thermohygrometer is especially useful in meeting the requirements for ISO and HACCP production quality control.

Technical Data

Measurement uncertainty of LB-520, LB-520T, LB-520TE ±0.1°C  ±1 final digit, within the range of 0… +50°C 
±0.2°C  ±1 final digit, within the range of -30… +50°C 
±0.6°C ±1 final digit, within the range of -100…+200°C
±1.2°C ±1 final digit, within the range of -200…+550°C
Measurement uncertainty of LB-520B ±0.5°C ±1 final digit, within the range of -20… +40°C 
Measurement range -30…+80°C  internal temperature sensor, for LB-520 or LB-520T
-100…+200°C  external temperature sensor, for LB-520T (*1)
-200…+550°C  external temperature sensor, for LB-520TE (*1)
Resolution of result display 0.1°C  within the range of -199.9…+199.9°C
1°C  outside the range of -199.9…+199.9°C
Recording resolution 0.1°C or 0.01°C  set in the LOGGER application, for the LB-520TE version only the 0.1°C resolution is available
Measurement uncertainty of LB-520, LB-520H ±2.0% within the range of 10…90% ±1 final digit
±4.0% outside the range of 10…90%
Measurement uncertainty of LB-520B ±2,0%/4,0% for the temperature of 22°C and humidity of 57% / in the remaining range
Measurement range of LB-520, LB-520B 10…95% for temperatures up to +40°C
10…60% for temperatures up to +70°C
10…40% for temperatures up to +85°C
Measurement range of LB-520H 0…100% for temperatures up to +60°C
0…70% for temperatures up to +70°C
0…40% for temperatures up to +85°C
Measurement resolution 0.1%  
 Memory capacity 21,504/16,128 entries, for LB-520 humidity and temperature, temperature resolution of 0.1/0.01°C
32,256/21,504 entries, for LB-520T temperature resolution of 0.1/0.01°C
32,160/- entries, for LB-520TE temperature resolution of 0.1°C
 Transmission speed  115.2 kb/s  
 Power source  3.6 V / 2.1 Ah  lithium battery
 Battery operation time  4/9 years
5/10 years, for LB-520T
 recording interval of 1 minute / 1 hour
 LB-710 emulation — external power supply  5… 28 V  power consumption: 1 mA (average), 25 mA (maximum)
 Dimensions  110 x 65 x 28 mm  dimensions without hanger
 Material, housing protection class   ABS  IP 30
 Operating temperature range  -30…+80°C  


By special order, the following set-ups are available:

  • LB-520H thermohygrometer — with the humidity measurement range extension to 0…100%, in comparison to the standard range;
  • LB-520B thermohygrometer — money-saving version, lower measurement accuracy;
  • LB-520T thermometer — version for measuring and recording of temperature with internal sensor in the range of -30…+80°C;
  • LB-520TX thermometer — version for measuring and recording of temperature with external Pt1000 sensor in the range of -100…+200°C (*1);
  • LB-520TXE thermometer — version for measuring and recording of temperature with external Pt1000 sensor in the range of -200…+550°C (*1);

Remark (*1): The given measurement range may be additionally limited by the parameters of the external sensor used.

Optional equipment

LB-520 + LB-529 recorderLB-529 - universal holder with
a lock for mounting the LB-520
recorder (anti-theft protection)
LB-520 + LB-528 recorderLB-528 - table stand for
the LB-520 recorder

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