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» » » » Surface Humidity Indicator LB-910

Surface Humidity Indicator LB-910

Surface Humidity Indicator LB-910
  • functions: conductometer
  • measurement: surface humidity, leaf humidity
  • two cable connection
  • measurement transmission to long distances


Indicator LB-910 is used for signaling the presence of precipitation or dew out dropping. It is a stationary device, of small size, powered from an outside power supply. It is characterized by a modern construction based on efficient and energy saving microprocessor controller.

The device takes cyclic measurements of the measured surface resistance, which is made in a form of a golden comb. The surface resistance decline indicates precipitation (or the appearance of dew). In order to designate the actual surface resistance value a microprocessor built-in in the device uses digital calibration data stored during the calibration process in the device's nonvolatile memory. The result is sent from the device in a digital form (digital current loop) to a supervisory system of data collection (i.e. using a transitory LB-371 through an interface RS-232C to a computer, meteorological station panel LB-741 or to a converter LB-486). The interface parameters allow on sending data along with powering the device using a two cable line of any polarity.


Scope of measurement 0...65000 ohm
Accuracy 10 % (measured value) +/- 20 ohm
Temperature -30...+70 °C
Humidity 0...100 %
Scope of voltage 8..24 V DC  
Energy consumption 4 mA average
25 mA maximum

Output interface

  • current loop S300 LAB-EL, 300 bit/s, 7 data bits, 1 stop bit, without evenness control

Overall dimension

  • 80 x 60 x 185 mm (width x height x length)