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Pyrometer door indicator - LB-669 (non-contact measurement of human body temperature)

Bramka pirometryczna do wykrywania koronawirusa COVID-19
  • Detection of persons potentially infected with COVID-19 coronavirus
  • Hygienic, safe, contactless, maintenance-free, automatic, economical
  • Stationary device to hang on the wall
  • Fast measurement
  • Voice (built-in speaker) and optical (LCD) reading of the measured temperature
  • Voice messages
  • Intuitive handling
  • Alarm relay output (fever)
  • Door opening relay output (correct temperature)
  • Digital output of measurements to PC

Contactless measurement of human body temperature

The contactless medical thermometer LB-669 is a pyrometer, which uses a special precise infrared sensor enabling non-contact measurement of body temperature, with a narrowed measuring range adapted to the temperatures of the human body. The pyrometric thermometer works basing on the analysis of thermal radiation emitted by the examined body.

The thermometer automatically detects the presence of a human (warm object) when the body approaches the sensor and measures the temperature. The measurement should be taken from a distance of not more than 5 cm from the surface of the thermometer, without body contact with its surface. The non-contact method is completely safe and can therefore be used during a SARS CoV-2 coronavirus pandemic. It should be noted that the pyrometer is adapted to hang on the wall, and works completely autonomously without involving personnel to perform measurements, which further increases the epidemiological safety of the measurement (LB-669 pyrometer indicator is not touched by personnel nor the person measuring the temperature).

Bramka pirometryczna do wykrywania koronawirusa COVID-19 wersja angielska

Use of non-contact indicator LB-669

Due to the exceptional protection offered by the LB-669 pyrometer door indicator (no contact with the thermometer, no need for personnel to approach the controlled person, which is necessary when using gun thermometers) and due to the total autonomous and unattended operation, the device can be useful in many facilities where there is an epidemic risk:

  • Health care: hospitals, clinics, doctor's offices, dental offices, pharmacies.
  • Education: universities, schools, kindergartens.
  • Services: hair salons, massage rooms, restaurants.
  • Culture: cinemas, theaters, museums, galleries.
  • Trade: shops, showrooms, shopping malls.
  • Offices and institutions: local government offices, tax offices, banks.
  • Transport: stations, station ticket offices, information points.
  • Sport: sports halls, ticket offices etc.

A typical procedure for performing the LB-669 pyrometer measurement is as follows:

  • Approaching the pyrometer hanging on the wall.
  • Bringing the forehead, wrist or other warm part of the body closer than 5 cm from the sensor.
  • The thermometer detects the presence of the body and starts the measurement by giving the message Measurement in progress.
  • After a moment, the measurement result appears on the display and the measured value is reported the loudspeaker.
  • Depending on the value of the measured temperature, an appropriate action of the device is taken, consisting of an additional voice message, lighting of the appropriate color of the LED, and turning on the door opening relay or activating the alarm siren.

Depending on the value of the measured temperature, additional actions are taken:

  • Temperature too low (below 35.0 ° C) - a message will be read and displayed asking to re-measure. In this case, the measurement should be repeated approaching another part of the body, e.g. the one which was covered by clothing and did not cool down, eventually the distance between the body and the sensor should be reduced.
  • Correct temperature (standard: 35.0..36.9 ° C) - the green LED indicator is lit and the relay is turned on for a few seconds, which can be used to open the entrance door equipped with an electric lock.
  • Increased temperature (standard: 37.0..37.9 ° C) - the yellow LED lights up, the adequate message is read and the relay is turned on for a few seconds (if the relay control is enabled in the device configuration), which can be used to open the entrance door equipped with an electric lock.
  • Fever (38.0..42.0 ° C by default) - the red LED lights up, the adeqate message is read and the alarm relay is activated for a few seconds (if the relay control is enabled in the device configuration), which can be used to activate an external siren to alert staff about this situation.
  • Temperature too high (above 42.0 ° C) - the message "Temperature too high, repeat the measurement".

The given temperature ranges (increased, fever) have standard values, it is possible to modify them using the configuration keys, available after opening the device.

The measurement result in digital form can be sent to a computer, thanks to which the personnel can remotely control the measurement results.

Voice messages

LB-669 pyrometer door indicator is equipped with a loudspeaker through which reads voice messages in certain situations:

  • Measurement in progress - a message read when the presence of a human being near the sensor is automatically detected. During this message, a series of quick measurements is made of which the most representative is selected. During this message, try to bring the warm part of the body closer to the sensor by no more than 5 cm. It's best to bring your forehead or wrist closer.
  • Temperature too low, repeat the measurement - a message spoken after the measurement is completed when the measurement result is outside the correct range (below 35.0° C).
  • 36.6 degrees - sample message about the value of the measured temperature.
  • You have an increased temperature - a message spoken when the measured temperature is in the range of 37.0..37.9 ° C (standard).
  • You have a fever - a message spoken when the measured temperature is higher than or equal to 38.0 ° C (standard).
  • Temperature too high, repeat measurement - message spoken when the measured temperature is outside the correct range (higher than 42.0° C).
  • Measurement completed, free up space for other users - a message spoken when a person continuously performs many measurements over a long period while remaining close to the sensor.
  • Invite to measure body temperature - a message spoken a moment after turning on the device and after 10 minutes of inactivity. The message is spoken against the background of a short piece of music. The message is informing about the presence of the device and encouraging to perform the measurement.
  • Measurement error, the device will reset - a message spoken after the measurement error appears, after which the device must be reset.

Colorful Light Emitting Diode

The color of the LED indicates the state of the device:
  • Blue - temperature measurement is in progress.
  • Green - body temperature is correct.
  • Yellow/orange - increased body temperature detected.
  • Red - fever detected.

LCD display of measurements

The description of the parameter is displayed in the top line of the display, and the current value of this parameter in the bottom line.

  • bodY - measured body temperature.
  • Air - approximate ambient temperature; parameter displayed between body temperature measurements (when the device is idle).

Installation and configuration

Correct LB-669 pyrometer door indicator operation is possible only if the device is properly installed and used in accordance with the provided operating instructions. The pyrometer should be installed (hung) on the wall, a transparent partition between staff and clients (reception) or similar places. The digital measurement data output should be connected to the computer USB input via the LB-375 converter. On the computer, start the LB-669-Monitor program, which displays the last measurement and records the results to a file.

There are two buttons inside the device that allow you to configure the device (SET and INC). Configuration can be carried out many times and is also remembered when the power is turned off. The configuration is entered after simultaneously pressing and holding both keys. In the configuration mode, the parameter description is displayed in the top line of the display and its value in the bottom line. The INC key can be used to change the content of the flashing line and the SET key can be used to select which line (bottom or top) should flash. Details of the configuratio procedure are provided in the operating manual.

Except for installation and maintenance work, the pyrometer indicator should not be touched. In particular, do not touch the sensor itself, nor place any objects or liquids inside the sensor.

Technical data of the LB-669 pyrometer

 Measuring range  35.0°C to 42.0°C
 Measurement accuracy  ±0.2°C in range 36°C to 39°C
 Measurement time
 about 1 s
 Typical distance to the subject
 5 cm
 Measurement resolution
 Spectral range
 8...14 um
 Sensor  thermopile
 Control relay outputs
 60V/2A / AC/DC
 Digital output of measurements
 S300 current interface LAB-EL
 Protection rating
 IP 40 (IEC 60529)
 Operating temperature and humidity range  15...+30°C, 10...90% RH (no condensation)
 Storage temperature range  -20...+60°C
 Warranty  2 years
 typical 12V, acceptable range 9..24V
 typical 9V, acceptable range 7..18V
 Maximum current consumption  100mA
 External dimensions  113 x 79 x 50 mm 
 Weight  150g