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Thermometer with an alarm and an LB-560A probe

Portable thermometer with an LB-560A probe
  • functions: portable thermometer, temperature recorder
  • measurements: temperature (PT1000)
  • portable thermometer, integrated temperature probe
  • two-row, backlit LCD display
  • frequent result refreshing
  • temperature resolution of 0.1°C or 0.01°C
  • automatic power off
  • optional calibration certificate for the thermometer
  • displaying MIN, MAX, Tavg values
  • alarm signalling: sound and display signal (thermometer with an alarm)
  • measurement result holding function (HOLD)
  • power-saving battery supply (can be re-charged)
  • built-in memory storage of measurements
  • USB (LB-376A) interface
  • computer software

Description of the thermometer

Portable thermometer with an LB-560A probe is designed for measurements of temperature in various media. The thermometer integrates a pointed temperature probe — 25 cm in length and 4 mm in diameter — which may be inserted into the material to be measured. It is a portable meter with battery power supply (which may be charged in a charger or via the computer’s USB port). Temperature measurement result is refreshed a few times per second. This portable thermometer with a probe and an alarm may function as temperature recorder — it features a large, built-in measurement memory.

Thermometer LB-560A
Thermometer LB-560A
LB-569 holderLB-569 holder,
permanent mounting
to the thermometer
LB-568B holderLB-568B holder,
permanent wall

Thermometer with an alarm

The thermometer features an alarm signalling function — when the set temperature threshold (lower or upper) is breached, a sound alarm is triggered. Additionally, this thermometer with an alarm presents any breaches of temperature limit on the display.

The temperature measurement may be frozen on the display (HOLD function). The meter features an auto power off function — the auto power off time may be set within a range of 1…30 minutes.

Additionally, the thermometer is equipped with a five-button keyboard, enabling, among others, the recording specifications to be adjusted (e.g. recording interval), and the alarm to be set. The keyboard buttons click when pressed. The results are presented on a backlit LCD display. The following measurements are available:

  • current temperature;
  • maximum temperature (MAX);
  • minimum temperature (MIN);
  • average temperature (Tavg);
  • time (hours, minutes).

At the same time, the current temperature is displayed in the bottom row and the selected measurement (MX, MIN, Tavg, Time) in the top row of the display.

This temperature recorder features a modern construction based on an efficient and power-saving microprocessor controller. On the basis of the known non-linear characteristics of the temperature sensor (Pt1000 thermometer resistor) and digital calibration data stored during calibration on the device storage memory, the built-in microprocessor calculates the current temperature measurement results. An advantage of the electronic thermometer is the lack of mechanical calibration elements (e.g. potentiometers). The portable thermometer calibration requires sending calibration data via digital interface to the instrument’s permanent storage, obtained from the calibrated temperatures. It ensures convenience and high calibration accuracy as well as stable temperature measurements over time.

Dedicated software

LB-376A USB interfaceLB-376A USB
interface for
with a computer
or battery charging

The thermometer may additionally come with advanced software for Windows PC — the Logger application — enabling:

  • presentation of current readings from thermometers;
  • operation of thermometers — access to settings and all functions;
  • alarm monitoring and signalling;
  • presentation of archived data — charts, reports, histograms;
  • data archive management.

A dedicated LB-376A USB interface is used for communication between the thermometer and the computer. It also enables battery charging.

The method of recording measurements in the thermometer’s built-in storage memory is defined by the user via the Logger application or the keyboard. In order to configure the recording:

  • activate recording and define recording interval;
  • select one of the following recording modes:
    • recording with continuation (the oldest data are deleted and overwritten with new data);
    • recording with protection (recording is blocked when the storage memory is full);
  • it is possible to set sound signals for measurement recording;
  • it is possible to take a measurement manually (via the keyboard);
  • it is possible to assign each measurement session with a number (for measurement grouping) — 7 measurement groups are available.

Calibration certificate of the thermometer

Each portable thermometer may feature an individual calibration certificate issued by LAB-EL Calibration Laboratory.

Technical Data

Measurement range -50…160°C
Measurement accuracy (-40…+80°C) ±0.1°C ±1 final digit
Measurement uncertainty (-50…+160°C) ±0.2°C ±1 final digit
Measurement resolution 0.01°C for the range of -100…100°C
0.1°C in the remaining range
Memory capacity 31,488 entries for the resolution of 0.1°C
21,000 entries for the resolution of 0.01°C
Recording resolution 0.1°C or 0.01°C
Temperature recording range -200…550°C
Recording interval pitch 1 second
Recording interval range 1 sec. … 99 minutes 59 sec.
Battery NiMH 3.6 V/800 mAh battery
Power network charger
Number of battery charging cycles 1,500
Battery operation time (after charging) backlight on — 20 hours
backlight off — 530 hours
recording (every 2 min) — 1 year
LB-560A thermometer -20…+50°C
Temperature probe -50…160°C
Temperature range 10…30°C
Humidity range 20…80%
Degree of environmental corrosivity, according to PN-71/H-04651 B
LB-560A thermometer IP30
LB-376A USB IP30

*) Exceeding the recommended continuous operating conditions (e.g. when installing the device outdoors) requires the use of additional protective measures for the electronic part of the device against the eventuality of water entering the device.


  • LB-560A thermometer: 185 x 46 x 27 mm
  • Probe: length — 250 mm, diameter — 4 mm, 1H18N9T steel
  • LB-376A: 56 x 31 x 24 mm


  • user instruction
  • charger
  • LB-569 holder — on request
  • LB-568B holder — on request
  • LB-376A + USB cable — on request
  • Logger software — on request
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