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LB-533T Four-Channel Thermometer with WiFi, Temperature and Door Open Logger

LB-533T WiFi Wireless Quad-Channel Thermometer

The device is a four-channel thermometer working with Pt1000 temperature probes. Records the temperature in the internal memory. Communicates via WiFi with external software. Powered internally from batteries or from an external source. The possibility of monitoring the opening of the door.

Used in multi-point temperature monitoring in refrigeration trucks and refrigeration warehouses, in the implementation of Cold-Chain systems and HACCP requirements. Useful where food, medicines, temperature-sensitive chemical products are stored. Works with the STORE-LOGGER system.

  • 4-channel temperature Pt1000, resolution 0.1°C, uncertainty 0.2°C
  • 2 door opening sensors
  • Memory up to 30,000 records
  • WiFi 2.4 GHz IEEE 802.11 b/g
  • USB
  • 2xAA 1.2V or 1.5V
  • 6..42V DC 500mA
Operating range:
  • -20..+60°C
  • ABS, IP30, 90x120x38mm
LB-533T WiFi Wireless Quad-Channel Thermometer
  • 4 temperatures and 2 door opening sensors
  • Data recorder
  • WiFi communication
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Battery or externally powered
  • SCADA-type software LBX Server
  • Suitable for Cold-Chain and HACCP applications
  • Monitor for the transport of food and medicines

Description of the wireless four-channel temperature and door opening recorder

The LB-533T WiFi thermometer is a wireless 4-channel temperature recorder. The recorder is equipped with WiFi and USB interfaces. LB-533T WiFi thermometer is powered from internal, exchangeable batteries (2 x AA 1.5 V or 2 x AA 1.2 V rechargeable batteries) or optionally from an external DC power supply, e.g. from a vehicle. For the temperature measurement the WiFi thermometer uses one to four external Pt-1000 sensors. Temperature measurement results are displayed on a clear LCD display.

The LB-533T WiFi thermometer/recorder features additional inputs for connecting two external switches. If a reed relay sensor functions as the switch, then it is possible to monitor and signal door opening (for example, the doors of a refrigerator, vehicle, warehouse room).

If the LB-533T WiFi thermometer is powered from rechargeable batteries and concurrently from an external power supply source, the rechargeable batteries are not charged at that time. The external power source is used for powering thethermometer only. The rechargeable batteries should be charged when they are taken out of the instrument, in special chargers.

Memory capacity and capability of the wireless four-channel temperature and door opening recorder

The LB-523T WiFi recorder features a large-capacity memory for storing measurement results, which — for example, for the LB-533T WiFi thermometer with the recording interval set to 30 minutes — is sufficient to record entries for approximately one year in one recording session. The data are stored in the memory and “overwritten”, which means that when the memory is full, the oldest recordings are deleted. The WiFi recorder allows threshold temperature values to be set and signal whenever these values are exceeded.

In a typical application the WiFi thermometer performs measurements which it records in the memory over a set interval (ranging from 1 minute to 4 hours and 15 minutes). Over a set interval the recorder switches-on the WiFi interface and connects with a WiFi access point (WiFi router, Access Point), and then exchanges data with the LBX server, switches-off the WiFi module and switches to measurement and recording mode.

Configuration of the wireless four-channel temperature and door opening recorder

    WiFi router parameters and IP address of the LBX server for recorders to connect with must be set during the device configuration. The configuration of  LB-523T WiFi recorder is performed via USB interface. The parameters of the WiFi router (AP) with which the LB-533T connects should be defined by using the LBX software. Among others, the configuration should include: name of the WiFi (SSID) network, and in the case of the secured network, the access password. The LB-533T recorder may be assigned with a permanent IP address, or a temporary address may be selected from the addresses assigned by the WiFi router, according to the DHCP protocol. Additionaly, the IP address and port number of the LBX server for the LB-533T to connect with should be configured. In the absence of a permanent, public IP address for the computer where the LBX server is installed, a proxy server may be used. A proxy server may be installed on any given computer with a constant, public IP address. In particular, clients using LB-523 and LB-533T WiFi recorders may use a proxy server shared by LAB-EL. This server provides a proxy service between LB-533T WiFi recorders and any customer’s computer with Internet access.

Alarm features of the wireless four-channel temperature and door opening recorder

The WiFi thermometer/recorder may signal alarm conditions. The alarm generates an additional report to the LBX server, irrespective of the set interval for establishing connection. The alarm may by triggered by:

  • the measured temperature breaching the upper or lower programmed threshold;
  • door opening, when such an occurrence is also recorded in the memory;
  • external power failure.

Additionally, it is possible to set an alarm delay, so that the alarm is not triggered by a short-term incident. Alarm incident failure is also signalled by an additional report to the LBX server. Thanks to the alarm reporting function there is no threat of “overlooking” an alarm in the case of long intervals between planned reporting events. The LBX software may react differently after receiving information about an alarm — this depends on the equipment controlled by the LBX software and its configuration. In a particular case, the LBX server may send an email or a text message to the indicated person or perform any other programmed action. 

Calibration certificate of the temperature measurement of the wireless four-channel temperature and door opening recorder

Each wireless WiFi thermometer, as per order, may feature an individual calibration certificate of the temperature measurement issued by the LAB-EL Calibration Laboratory.

Application of the wireless temperature and door opening recorder

The LB-533T WiFi thermometer/recorder is designed to monitor and document course of technological processes and transportation (so-called cold supply chain) in production facilities and warehouses, especially in the pharmaceutical, medical and food industries. It is especially useful in meeting the requirements for ISO and HACCP production quality control in food and pharmaceutical industries. May be used to monitor temperature and door opening in distribution centres, growing cellars, laboratories, refrigerators and cold storage facilities. The LB-533T WiFi recorder/thermometer ensures the safety requirements for the storage of vaccines and medicines in the State Sanitary Inspection facilities, outpatient clinics, hospitals and pharmacies.

Specifications of the wireless temperature and door opening recorder

Temperature measurement uncertainty *3) of LB-533T, LB-533TE ±0.2°C  ±1 final digit, within the range of 0… +50°C 
±0.6°C  ±1 final digit, within the range of -30… +50°C 
±1.2°C ±1 final digit, within the range of -100…+200°C
±2.4°C ±1 final digit, within the range of -200…+550°C
Measurement range -100…+200°C  with an external temperature sensor, for LB-533T
-200…+550°C  with an external temperature sensor, for LB-533TE
Measurement resolution 0.1°C  
Memory capacity  30,000 entries, for LB-533T/TE  temperature
WiFi interface  2.4 GHz IEEE 802.11 b/g  
Number of WiFi channels 13  
Maximum range 100 m in open terrain
30 m depending on local building characteristics and equipment
Power source 2 x 1.5 V AA batteries AA alkaline batteries
2 x 1.2 V AA rechargeable batteries Recommended Ni-MH Eneloop HR-3UTGB Sanyo or BK-3MMC Panasonic rechargeable batteries
6…42 V/500 mA Optional external power supply source—e.g. a motor vehicle
Battery operation time This time is not unequivocally defined. This depends on many specifications, including: the set interval of establishing communication via WiFi, router and Ethernet/Internet signal quality and the set interval between measurements. With a typical, decent WiFi and Ethernet/Internet network signal, an operation temperature of 20°C, dedicated Eneloop rechargeable batteries fully charged, and the following settings:
- WiFi connection interval: 30 minutes;
- measurement and recording every 10 minutes;
the operation time of the batteries is 6–12 months.
Dimensions 90 x 120 x 38 mm  dimensions without optional external antenna and holder
 Material, housing protection class  ABS  IP 30
Operating temperature range -20…+60°C  


By special order, the following set-ups are available:

  • LB-533TE — WiFi thermometer version for measuring and recording of temperatures with 4 external Pt1000 sensors in the range of -200…+550 °C (*1).
  • LB-533T SMA — with the SMA antenna connection (possibility of connecting the external SMA antenna, also an antenna with a connected coaxial cable — possibility of installing antenna on a roof of a building)
  • LB-533T/LB-533TE Pt100 — for interaction with external sensors with Pt-100 thermistors.

Remark (*1): The given measurement range may be additionally limited by the parameters of the external sensor used.

Remark (*2): The battery is not subject to warranty.

Remark (*3): The instrument is by default calibrated with the use of the standard resistor. All channels are calibrated, irrespective of the number of installed probes. This means that the user may, at his own discretion, connect an additional thermometer and activate the input.
The given measurement uncertainty stems from the use of a class B thermistor in the temperature sensor. In the case of wider measurement ranges, the measurement uncertainty may be corrected through an individual calibration of the thermometer in a given channel with a concrete probe. Individual calibration is available as an option, which should be indicated in the order or ordered independently as a service. The service will be performed after submission of the instrument to LAB-EL Calibration Laboratory.

Optional equipment

LB-533T WiFi wireless four-channel thermometer with metal supports.Wall mounting of the
LB-533T thermometer
  • External power unit for powering the LB-533T thermometer (remark: rechargeable batteries are not charged when inside the LB-533T thermometer; the rechargeable batteries should be charged with the use of an external charger).
  • USB A-micro cable, type B.
  • Ni-MH Eneloop HR-3UTGB Sanyo or BK-3MCC Panasonic rechargeable batteries.
  • Eneloop NC-MQN09W charger for rechargeable batteries.
  • Metal supports for wall-mounting of the LB-533T thermometer
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