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LB-535 Thermometer & Hygrometer with Wireless Communication, Recorder

LB-535 wireless thermo hygrometer, wireless recorder

A small wireless hytherograph, powered by a long-lasting battery. It allows you to organize a local measurement network with radio data exchange. The sensors can work as signal relays, increasing the communication range. They work in the 433MHz band - without the need for a radio license.

Designed for control and documentation of technological processes in industry, food processing, production and storage of pharmaceuticals. Useful in places with requirements to comply with HACCP, ISO and Cold-Chain standards. It allows you to secure storage areas for medicines, vaccines and other temperature-sensitive products.


  • Air temperature, resolution 0.1°C, uncertainty 0.1°C
  • Air relative humidity, resolution 0.1%, uncertainty 2.0%


  • Memory up to 30000 records



  • 3.6V 8Ah lithium battery
  • 9V DC power supply

Operating range

  • -30°C .. +80°C


  • ABS, IP30, 95x63x35mm

Each wireless thermohygrometer (thermometer), as per order, may feature an individual calibration certificate provided by LAB-EL Calibration Laboratory.

LB-535 wireless thermo hygrometer, wireless recorder
  • wireless connection over a publicly available 433 MHz band
  • pharmaceutical industry, the State Sanitary Inspection
  • food industry
  • logistical warehouses
  • proprietary EL-WAVE standard
  • radio signal transmitter function, extension of range
  • possibility of creating simple and complex (using Ethernet network) climate control systems
  • Interaction with universal LBX software 
  • functions: thermometer, hygrometer, recorder (thermograph and hygrograph)
  • LB-535T — version for temperature measurement and recording only
  • LB-535TI — version for temperature measurement and recording only, with a built-in pyrometer sensor
  • measurement: temperature, relative air humidity
  • temperature monitoring in closed rooms
  • small, robust instrument
  • wide operating temperature range
  • housing protection class: IP30
  • battery or externally powered
  • easily exchangeable lithium battery

Description of the wireless temperature recorder

The LB-535 thermo hygrometer is a wireless relative humidity and temperature recorder. It is powered from an external exchangeable battery or, optionally, from an external power unit. For the temperature measurement, the wireless thermo hygrometer uses a Pt-1000 thermistor, and a capacitive sensor for the measurement of humidity. The measurement results are displayed on a LCD display.

The LB-535 wireless recorder is equipped with a large memory for storing measurements, which — for example, for the LB-535T thermometer, with the recording interval set to 18 minutes — is sufficient to record entries for more than a one year recording session. The data are stored in the memory and “overwritten”, which means that when the memory is full, the oldest recordings are deleted.

The LB-526 USB interface for the wireless thermo hygrometerLB-536 interface

LB-480 temperature recorder, humidity recorderThe LB-480 hub with the
LB-499-EL-WAVE radio module

Communication with the wireless thermo hygrometer is via radio waves over the publicly available 433 MHz band. The LB-536 interface (or the LB-499-EL-WAVE radio module installed inside the LB-480 hub/recorder or the LB-490) is an intermediary in data exchange between the LBX software and the wireless thermo hygrometers — the LB-535 recorders. The LB-480 hub/recorder or the LB-490 with a radio module allow for integration of the LB-535 thermo hygrometers/recorders with the Ethernet network, which provides excellent flexibility of the system structure. Each LB-535 wireless temperature and humidity recorder may also function as a radio signal transmitter (then the recorder needs to be powered from a power supply network) thereby effectively increasing its range, making it possible to use the system in challenging conditions — e.g. inside multi-storey buildings. The number of wireless recorders operating in one system is practically unlimited. All temperature and humidity recorders in the system operate in one channel, and are periodically queried thanks to unique addresses.  There is the possibility of changing the radio channel of wireless thermo hygrometers, in order to avoid operating over a band that is occupied by another radio device operating locally. The wireless recorder, by default, is equipped with an antenna with an SMA connection. This makes it possible to use an antenna connected with the instrument via a coaxial cable and to locate the antenna freely in relation to the location of the recorder.

The instrument may be optionally used in the LB-535T version, designed solely for temperature measurement and recording, preformed with a built-in or an external temperature sensor, in compliance with the technical ranges defined in the “Extensions” section, and in the LB-535TI version, equipped with a pyrometer temperature sensor.

Each wireless thermo hygrometer (thermometer), as per order, may feature an individual calibration certificate issued by LAB-EL Calibration laboratory, the calibration certificate issued by the Central Office of Measures in Warsaw or by the Military Metrology Centre in Warsaw.

Application of the wireless recorder

The LB-535, LB-535T and LB-535TI recorders are designed for controlling and documenting the course of technological processes in production facilities and warehouses — especially for pharmaceutical, medical and food industries. It is especially useful in meeting the requirements for ISO and HACCP production quality control in food and pharmaceutical industries. It may be used for monitoring temperature in distribution centres and growing cellars. The LB-535 recorder/thermometer ensures that the safety requirements are met for the storage of vaccines, medicines and other products sensitive to temperature in State Sanitary Inspection facilities, outpatient clinics, hospitals and pharmacies.

Technical Data

Temperature measurement uncertainty of LB-535, LB-535T, LB-535TE (*3) ±0.3°C  ±1 final digit, within the range of 0… +50°C 
±0.6°C  ±1 final digit, within the range of -30… +50°C 
±1.2°C ±1 final digit, within the range of -100…+200°C
±2.4°C ±1 final digit, within the range of -200…+550°C
Measurement range -30…+80°C  internal temperature sensor, for LB-535 or LB-535T
-100…+200°C  external temperature sensor, for LB-535TX (*1)
-200…+550°C  external temperature sensor, for LB-535TXE (*1)
Measurement resolution 0.1°C  within the range of -199.9…+199.9°C
1°C  outside the range of -199.9…+199.9°C
Humidity measurement uncertainty of LB-535, LB-535H ±2.0% within the range of 10…90% ±1 final digit
±4.0% outside the range of 10…90%
Humidity measurement range of LB-535 10…95% for temperatures up to +40°C
10…60% for temperatures up to +70°C
10…40% for temperatures up to +85°C
Humidity measurement range of LB-535H 0…100% for temperatures up to +60°C
0…70% for temperatures up to +70°C
0…40% for temperatures up to +85°C
Measurement resolution 0.1%  
 Memory capacity  15,000 entries
30,000 entries, for LB-535T
 humidity and temperature
 Frequency band  433 MHz  
Number of operating channels 6  
Signal power 10 mW  
Maximum range 300 m in open terrain
50 m depending on local building characteristics and equipment
 Power source 3.6 V / 8 Ah internal lithium battery, estimated operating time of 18–36 months, with LBX queries sent every 10 minutes or in larger intervals and with a maximum of ten recorders in the system (the battery should be exchanged by the user) (*2)
9 V / 100 mA power unit — optional equipment
 Dimensions LB-535: 95 x 63 x 35 mm dimensions without the hanger, antenna or sensor cover
 Material, housing protection class   ABS  IP 30
 Operating temperature range  -30…+80°C  


By special order, the following set-ups are available:

  • LB-535H — wireless temperature and humidity recorder (wireless thermo hygrometer) with the humidity measurement range extension to 0…100%, in comparison to the standard range;
  • LB-535T — version of the wireless thermometer for measuring and recording of temperature with an internal sensor in the range of -30…+80°C;
  • LB-535TX — version of the wireless thermometer for measuring and recording of temperature with an external Pt1000 sensor in the range of -100…+200°C (*1, *3);
  • LB-535TXE — version for measuring and recording of temperature with an external Pt1000 sensor in the range of -200…+550°C (*1, *3);
  • LB-535TI — version of the temperature recorder with an built-in pyrometer sensor, temperature measurement in the range of -80…+380°C.

Remark (*1): The given measurement range may be additionally limited by the parameters of the external sensor used.
Remark (*2): The battery is not subject to warranty.
Remark (*3): The instrument is by default calibrated with the use of the standard resistor.

The given measurement uncertainty stems from the use of a class B thermistor in the temperature sensor. In the case of wider measurement ranges, the measurement uncertainty may be corrected through an individual calibration of the thermometer via a concrete probe. Individual calibration is available as an option, which should be indicated in the order or ordered independently as a service. The service will be performed after submission of the instrument to LAB-EL Calibration Laboratory.

Optional equipment

  • External network power unit (9 V, 100 mA)
  • Stands and holder for the LB-535 installation
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