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LB-518 Temperature & Humidity Logger with Bluetooth BLE Communication, Thermohygrometer

Wireless Thermo Hygrometer

A small meter and recorder of microclimatic conditions. Designed for documenting parameters in warehouses, transport and industrial production. Particularly useful in the pharmaceutical and food industry, wherever supervision of goods sensitive to temperature and humidity is required.

Suitable for providing a supply cold-chain (a temperature-controlled supply chain), monitoring archives, controlling conditions in laboratories, industry and offices.

The battery-powered sensor can operate autonomously for a long time. The smartphone application provides wireless reading of current data and registered records. The device can work as part of the STORE-LOGGER-B measuring system.

  • Air temperature, resolution 0.1°C, uncertainty 0.2°C
  • Air relative humidity, resolution 0.1%, uncertainty 3%
  • up to 15,000 records (T+RH)
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 2.4GHz - up to 55m (in open terrain)
  • 3V - CR2450 lithium battery
Operating range:
  • -25…+65°C, 0…100%
  • ABS, IP30, 67x50x16 mm
Wireless Thermo Hygrometer
  • Temperature and air humidity recorder
  • Blutooth Low Enegry communication
  • Android smartphone application
  • Battery powered
  • Very small and robust

Description of the wireless temperature and humidity recorder

The LB-518 BLE-LOGGER thermohygrometer is a wireless relative humidity and temperature mini recorder. The recorder is equipped with a BLE wireless radio interface. It is powered by an internal exchangeable 3 V battery, CR2450 type. For the temperature and humidity measurement, the LB-518 BLE-LOGGER thermohygrometer uses an integrated, high-quality humidity and temperature sensor.

The LB-518 BLE-LOGGER thermohygrometer features an extensive memory for storage of 15,000 entries of temperature and humidity measurement results. The data are stored in the memory and “overwritten”, which means that when the memory is full, the oldest recordings are deleted. The recorder allows threshold temperature and humidity values to be set with alarm signalling when the values are breached.

In typical applications the LB-518 BLE-LOGGER thermohygrometer performs measurements and carries out recording in the memory over the user-defined time (typically, every 1 minute, optionally, every 5, 15, 30 or 60 minutes).

Over a set time, the recorder switches on the BLE interface and establishes connection with an external receiver; in typical applications the receiver is any smartphone or tablet with Android 5.0 (or later). The data sent by the LB-518 BLE-LOGGER thermohygrometer are received via Bluetooth 4.0 interface of a smartphone with a suitable application installed, which reads information about the current temperature and relative humidity measurement, as well as information about the technical condition of the recorder (identification data, battery consumption). On request, the collected archived temperature and humidity measurement results may be read-out from the recorder’s memory. 

For a read-out of the current and the memory-recorded data from the LB-518 BLE-LOGGER thermohygrometer, special applications for Android are available:

The LB-518 BLE-LOGGER thermohygrometer should not be operated in the vicinity of metal surfaces or inside metal containers, as this may considerably limit the communication range with the receiver.

Calibration certificate for the wireless temperature and humidity recorder

Each wireless thermohygrometer (thermometer and hygrometer), as per order, may feature an individual calibration certificate issued by accredited LAB-EL Calibration Laboratory.

Application of the wireless temperature and humidity recorder

LB-518 BLE-LOGGER Wireless Temperature and Humidity Recorder

The LB-518 BLE-LOGGER thermohygrometer is designed for controlling and documenting the course of technological processes in production facilities and warehouses — especially in pharmaceutical, medical and food industries, where the supervision of goods subject to temperature and humidity is required. It is especially useful in meeting the requirements for ISO, HACCP and GMP production quality control in food and pharmaceutical industries.It may be used for temperature and humidity control in vehicles, packages, pharmacies, warehouses and State Sanitary Inspection facilities — e.g. during transportation and storage of vaccines and medicines.

Technical Data

Temperature measurement uncertainty  ±0.2°C   ±1 final digit
Measurement range  -25…+65°C  the measurement range is limited by the operating temperature range of the CR2450 battery
Measurement resolution  0.1°C  
Humidity measurement uncertainty  ±3.0% within the range of 35…95% ±1 final digit
 ±6.0% outside the range of 35…95%
Humidity measurement range  0…100% for temperatures up to +40°C
 0…70% for temperatures up to +65°C
Measurement resolution  0.1%  
Memory capacity  15,000 entries  humidity and temperature
BLE interface  2.4 GHz  interacts with smartphones with
Bluetooth 4.0 interface or later
Maximum range  55 m  in open terrain
 25 m  depending on local building characteristics and equipment
Power source (*1)  3 V battery  CR2450
Battery operation time 6–12 months
Dimensions  67 x 50 x 16 mm  
Material, housing protection class  ABS  IP 30
Operating temperature range  -25…+65°C  

Remark *1 - the battery is not subject to warranty

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