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LB-499-EL-WAVE Data Transmission Module


Intended use of the data transmission module

The LB-499-EL-WAVE radio data transmission module enables data transmission between the LBX software and measurement equipment, series LB-525, e.g.:

  • wireless thermo hygrometer — temperature and humidity recorder, LB-525A
  • wireless pyrometer — temperature recorder, LB-525AI
  • wireless thermometer for compost — temperature recorder, LB-525TS3
  • wireless thermometer — temperature recorder, LB-525AT (intended for measurement and recording of the temperature with the use of integrated or external temperature sensor)

The LB-499-EL-WAVE radio data transmission module is an insert mounted inside the data recorder, e.g.:

  • LB-480 — data recorder;
  • LB-490 — data recorder/weather station.

The LB-499-EL-WAVE radio data transmission module is compatible with an external antenna connected to a socket of the SMA module.

Data transmission through the module to SCADA LBX software

LB-525 series wireless thermometers and thermo hygrometers are also equipped with a radio interface, operating at a widely accessible 433 MHz and serving the EL-WAVE data transmission standard prepared by LAB-EL. Current measurement data, as well as data stored in the memory of the two recorders are transmitted wirelessly through the LB-499-EL-WAVE interface installed in the LB-480 hub or the LB-490 to the PC, thus controlling the measurement system. There is a possibility of a concurrent interaction of many wireless thermometers and thermo hygrometers with one EL-WAVE interface.

To control the operation of a freely extended measurement system, with one or many LB-525 wireless thermo hygrometers, universal SCADA LBX software is used; the software works with Windows platform (XP, 7, 8, 10). With the use of the SCADA LBX software the user may configure the thermometers, remotely read out the current or recorded temperature and relative humidity results, record measurement results in a database on a PC hard drive, and view the history of measurements in the form of charts and tables. The SCADA LBX software makes it possible to program thresholds and signalization of alarm thresholds breached and transmit data remotely via Ethernet, Internet or mobile GSM network.

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