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LB-499-REL2 Relay Module

LB-499-REL2 Relay Module

This module of additional relays is equipped with 2 relays with a NC and NO terminal.

The module may be connected to the following devices:

  • LB-480 — data recorder;
  • LB-490 — data recorder/weather station.

The module enables the control of any working devices, where it is necessary to switch large currents and at the same time provide full galvanic isolation with an LB-480/LB-490 recorder.

The relays may be operated manually, via software (from LBX software serving as a digital output) or as an alarm output switched on/off in response to different alarms programmed in the device.

Example of connection layout

Relay No. 1 switches on the light signalling.
Relay No. 1 switches off the sound signalling (when a relay is switched on, it switches off the sound signalling, and at the same time LB-480 control failure triggers an alarm).

LB-480/LB-490 — module of an additional relay

Technical Data

Number of relays 2
Number of terminals 1P, 1Z (3 terminals per relay — common, NC, NO)
Maximum voltage 250 V
Rated load current 8 A / 250 V AC
8 A / 24 V DC
Terminal screw clamps, wire cross section 2.5 mm2
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