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LB-480 and LB-490 Temperature (and other data) recorder - alarm signalling


The LB-480/LB-490 recorder may automatically control the alarm signalisation (without the requirement for interaction with the LBX software).

The LBX software features its own alarm signalisation that much more sophisticated than the LB-480/LB-490 recorder; the recorder may be used as a source of data, or an executive output for various causes of alarm.

Both alarm signalisations are independent — the description below pertains to the functionalities of the LB-480/LB-490 recorder, without interaction with the LBX software.

Alarm signalling via text message, email, SNMP TRAP

Available alarm outputs:


Syslog is a UNIX-specific standard method of recording events in the system. Except for local recording, it is also possible to receive messages from remote nodes (the same as the LB-480/LB-490 recorder). The recorder sends notifications of its own events (e.g. alarms) to a dedicated server, where they are subsequently stored in files. Subsequent action is undertaken on the basis of these recordings. Syslog may also function in parallel with any other alarm output — this way, except for the other alarm action, there will be a proof of the event in the syslog.


The LB-480/LB-490 recorder is capable of sending SNMP traps. The traps are asynchronous notifications, sent to appropriate SNMP client software (usually, it is the NMS — network management software), where further action is to be undertaken on the basis of an alarm.

Email (SMTP)

The LB-480/LB-490 recorder is capable of sending notifications about alarms in the form of an email.

The message sent contains complete information about the character of the existing situation, for example:

time: 2014-01-01 12:12:12 CET — time of the event; device: LB480 #1 — device name of the alarm origin; alarm input: Server room — name of the original input; alarm variable: T — name of the variable pertaining to the alarm reason: 25.1 deg.C >= 25.0 deg.C — the current value and alarm threshold

Sound signalling

The LB-480/LB-490 recorder features a built-in sound signalling device, which may be used as an alarm output. The signalling device is switched off together with the elimination of the cause of an alarm or with the use of the key on the recorder’s front panel.

NC digital output/relay

The LB-480/LB-490 recorder is equipped with 2 built-in NC digital outputs that may be used for switching on other working machinery (e.g. an external alarm siren). The current-carrying capacity of the digital outputs is relatively small (~ 100 mA); whenever this may prove insufficient, it is possible to use the extension module with relays, which feature much higher current-carrying capacity.

Text message alarms

The LB-480/LB-490 recorder may send short text message alarms — usually delivered to a mobile phone. The content of the message covers all information about the situation, analogously to an email message.

In order to send text message alarms, a GSM module is required.