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Precise electronic LB-710AT thermometer with an accuracy of 0.01°C

Precise LB-710ATF thermometer with an accuracy of 0.01°C

Thermometer LB-710AT is a small meter designed for measuring air temperature. It can be equipped with an external probe for measuring the temperature of a solid or liquid medium. The construction is designed to work in high dust conditions. Thanks to the advanced processing of electrical signals from the temperature sensor, a precise measurement with a small error is obtained.

The device is intended for industrial applications, resistant to electromagnetic interference. Equipped with S300 communication port for long distance communication. The meter can be an element of the measuring system in combination with data recorders and LBX software.

  • Air temperature, resolution 0.01°C, uncertainty 0.1°C
  • optionally: external temperature probe
  • 8..24V DC
Operating range:
  • 0..40°C
  • -100..+260°C (external probe)
  • 145x64x35mm
Precise LB-710ATF thermometer with an accuracy of 0.01°C
  • precise temperature measurement
  • wide range of temperature measurement
  • optional external temperature probe
  • temperature resolution of 0.01°C

Description of the electronic thermometer

The electronic LB-710AT thermometer is a stationary device of small dimensions, powered by an external power source. On the basis of the known non-linear characteristics of the temperature sensor and digital calibration data stored during calibration on the device storage memory, the electronic thermometer’s built-in microprocessor precisely calculates the temperature measurement results (with a resolution of 0.01°C). Precise temperature measurement results are sent from the instrument in a digital form to the mother data collection system. Measurement results are displayed on a two-row LCD display.

Precise electronic LB-710ATX thermometer with an accuracy of 0.01°CThe electronic LB-710AT
with an external sensor
This professional electronic thermometer is manufactured in a number of versions:
  • LB-710ATX — for interaction with an external sensor with a Pt1000 thermistor (standard version of the electronic thermometer);
  • LB-710ATU — electronic thermometer for interaction with an external sensor with a Pt100 thermistor;
  • LB-710ATFn — electronic thermometer made with an internal sensor — for air temperature measurement, in a housing with one of the protective filters (F3 by default).

This standard version precise laboratory LB-710ATX thermometer consists of a sensor (Pt1000 thermometric resistor) for temperature measurement in a stainless steel tube, connected with a measuring converter by means of a cable of 1…10 m in length (depending on the requirements of the ordering party). The electronic LB-710ATX thermometer is particularly recommended for locations featuring high humidity (e.g. freezers, cold stores), due to the resistance of the external measuring sensor to humidity. Depending from the design of the sensor, it may be used for temperature measurement in various media in the range of -100…+260°C.

Another design solution (the LB-710ATF version of the thermometer), intended for air temperature measurement (e.g. in warehouses), is to place the sensor inside the converter’s housing — e.g. like the one that is used in the LB-710 thermo hygrometer.

 The instrument is equipped with the LAB-EL S300 digital current interface, with runtimes analogues with the RS232C standard. Recordings of subsequent measurement results are sent from the instrument approx. every 2 seconds. Except for data transmission, the output interface is used also to power the thermometer — to this end, a two-wire line (e.g. telephone type) is used, with the provision that the polarity of interface wires connection is at the user’s discretion.

This precise electronic thermometer may be connected to any given supervisory system, e.g. LB-722 climate regulator; LB-480, LB-489 or LB-476 hubs; LB-856 meter; LB-755 panel and (with the use of the LB-371 converter) to the RS232C interface, or (with the use of the LB-375 converter) to the USB interface of any PC thus establishing a monitoring system. It enables the remote and automatic collection of measurement data.

The instrument is equipped with a configuration jumper that when inserted enables the measurement results to be sent in a format compatible with the LB-710, and this makes it possible to connect a thermo hygrometer to devices and systems, which enable interaction with the LB-710AT format.

The thermometer does not feature mechanical calibration elements (e.g. potentiometers). The instrument calibration sends calibration data via a digital interface to the thermometer’s permanent storage, obtained from the calibrated temperatures. It ensures convenience and high calibration accuracy as well as the stability of the thermometer's metrological parameters over time.

Every thermometer may feature an individual calibration certificate, issued by the LAB-EL Calibration Laboratory or the Measuring Apparatus Laboratory of the Institute of Power Engineering in Warsaw.

The electronic LB-710AT thermometer is a light (no humidity sensor) version of the LB-710 thermo hygrometer, awarded approval No. RP T 95 77, issued by the Chairman of the Central Office of Measures in Warsaw.

Application of the electronic thermometer

The LB-710AT thermometer is designed for controlling and documenting the course of technological processes in production facilities and warehouses — especially in pharmaceutical, medical and food industries. It is especially useful for meeting the requirements for ISO and HACCP production quality control in food and pharmaceutical industries. It may be used, for example, to monitor temperature in logistics warehouses, growing cellars, refrigerators and cold stores. The LB-710AT thermometer meets the safety requirements for the storage of vaccines, medicines and other products sensitive to temperature in the State Sanitary Inspection facilities, outpatient clinics, hospitals and pharmacies.

Specifications of the electronic thermometer

Temperature measurement Maximum measurement range -100.00…260.00 or -99.9…+199.9°C (configured with a jumper)
Measurement uncertainty for single-point calibration *1) ±0.2°C,
±1 final digit
Measurement uncertainty for two-point calibration *1) ±0.1°C,
±1 final digit
Measurement resolution 0.01°C — standard (precise temperature measurement)
0.1°C — option (configured with a jumper)
Operating temperature range of measuring converter -40…+85°C
of temperature sensor (standard) -60…+90°C
(with the exception of the connection cable)
of temperature sensor (special) -100…+260°C
(depends on the sensor version)
Measurement reading Temperature in the range of -100.00…+260.00°C, 0.01°C or 0.1°C (configured with a jumper)
Serial number of the instrument  
Technical condition of the thermometer  

*1) within the interval of 50°C

Temperature range 0…40°C
Humidity range 20…80%
Degree of environmental corrosivity, according to PN-71/H-04651 B

*2) Exceeding the recommended continuous operating conditions (e.g. when installing the device outdoors) requires the use of additional protective measures for the electronic part of the device against the eventuality of water entering the device (protection of the electronics with silicone or usage of additional external housing).

Voltage range 8…24 V DC  
Power consumption 5 mA average
25 mA maximum


Transmission parameters: according to RS232C, 300 bauds, 7 information bits, without parity control, 1 stop bit operating in the standard of the so-called digital current loop.

  • TXD — constant transmission of measurement results and power to the thermometer;
  • RXD — recording thermometer’s calibration data in its permanent storage.


  • measuring converter:  145 x 64 x 35 mm,
  • standard TL-2 sensor: diameter — 6 mm, length — 100 mm,
  • special sensors: as per individual agreement.
C01 CONNECTION — precise thermometer, 0.01°C LB-710ATY with C01 connection


By special order, the following set-ups are available:
  • LB-710ATY — with C01 connection (instead of clamps inside the cover)
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